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Portland Rose Festival water parade

Challenge 5: Water Parade. Right-click to open in a new window and save to your hard drive.

Use this reference photo for the month of May, 2010.

View the Paintings submitted for this challenge.

Years ago, I watched the tail-end of the water parade portion of the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon. The boats were so colorful and the water appeared blue because we had a clear blue sky.

The scene is busy! Will you paint all the details, abstract and simplify, or zoom in to capture just a glimpse of the action?

The Monthly Painting Challenge has had 37 pieces submitted since January 1, 2010. Our total number of visiters since then is 7,736 and the average number of visitors per day is 76. Won’t you join us?



  1. Finfare by Jean Nelson, Acrylic
    Finfare by Jean Nelson. Acrylic 8″x6″

  2. Portland Rose Festival float by Pam Van Londen
    Portland Rose Festival Float by Pam Van Londen, oil on 8×8 claybord

  3. Water parade by Byannick
    “Water Parade” by Byannick, oil on board 6×8″

  4. Water Parade Reflection by Rebecca Wang
    Water Parade Reflection” oil on 8″x10″ canvas board by Rebecca Wang.

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