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Portland, Oregon's Oaks Amusement Park benches

Challenge 6's reference photo: Park Benches. Right-click to open in a new window and save to your hard drive.

Use this reference photo for the month of June, 2010.

View the Paintings submitted for this challenge.

Oaks Amusement Park benches are brightly colored and their curves and grooves create fantastic  shadows patterns.

The detail is complicated but perhaps you can zoom in, simplify, or abstract the scene to make it your own. The perspective is also a challenge if you are working for realism.



  1. Amused by Jean Nelston
    “Amused” by Jean Nelson. 6″x6″ acrylic

  2. Running Mom by Byannick

    “Running Mom” oil on board 7×5″ by Byannick

  3. Oaks Park Temper Tantrum
    Oaks Park Temper Tantrum, oil on claybord, © Pam Van Londen 2010.

  4. Purple Benches by Nancie Johnson
    “Purple Benches” by Nancie Johnson, acrylics on 9×12 canvas

  5. oil on canvas board by Rebecca Wang
    oil on 8×10″ canvas board by Rebecca Wang.

  6. Lavender Benches by Dana Aldis
    “Lavender Benches” by Dana Aldis, oil on canvas,8″x8″

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