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To post a photo of your work

  1. Post a photo of your work on your own web site (which could be your blog, Flickr, etc.) Note that photos inside Facebook don’t always provide enough access to post here.
    1. Right-click on the photo you want to include in the Painting Challenge site.
    2. Copy the link’s location. Example: http://your
  2. Navigate back to the Painting Challenge web site.
    1. Click on the Comment link for the current challenge.
      • Paste in the address of the image you just copied.
      • Add the address of the blog post (0ptional) associated with this image.
      • Type the title, artist name, media, and size.
    2. All posts are approved by the manager of this site to ensure they do not include spam.
      • Since WordPress doesn’t like us to add links to comments (for good reason), the link to your web site may not stick. I am working on a solution; stay tuned.

Preparing images for posting

Photos must be no larger than

  • 300px wide (dimensions)
  • 72ppi (resolution)
  • 100k or less (file size)

A year in advance

Each first day of every month for the coming year, a new reference photo will automatically show up at the top on the home page (no waiting for me to post something). Just check in during the month to grab the new reference, then upload sometime soon.

Post comments/art at anytime on any of the challenges. Even if you join us late, the previous challenges are still open for commenting.

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